Foundation Crack Repair (Single)



Solid Concrete Foundation Crack Repair (Single)

Job description: Foundation crack repair by injection method.

  • Access the area to be traded by removing the drywall/Panel section. (Please note that we don’t need to remove wood or metal frames)
  • Access the void by drilling or surface preparation
  • Install injector ports as required, surface ports, or hammer in injector ports
  • Grout injection with Hydro-active flex resin
  • Clean up to complete the work


  • This job mat required access to an electrical and water outlet
  • This job requires clean access to the trade area
  • This job requires 1-2 visits to be completed (At least 1 to 4 hours per visit)


  • All parts and labor warranty for 25 years, not to leak from the traded area.

Booking your job: We will contact you to book the job, evenings and weekends are available, will work with you to set the best time frame that works for you. (Upon availability)

Note: This job does not include reinstallation of drywall or panel removed to access the trade area. We can water damage repairs at a separate and contracted price.



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