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“Our experience has earned us a reputation for providing clients with the highest quality repair services available”

We are a group of companies dedicated to residential and commercial property services.

SmithBrook: epoxy coatings, concrete crack repairs, concrete leak repairs, general concrete joint and crack repairs, grout injection, concrete pavement repairs & concrete sealing.

Advanced Waterproofing: Water proofing services, interior and exterior waterproofing solutions, foundation crack leak repairs, deck and balconies waterproofing, swimming pool leak repairs & general Waterproofing services.

Reno-Kings: General contracting, Custom renovations, basement finishing, bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, Water damage repairs, painting & decorating.

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Our company provides services for General Contracting, home renovations, water damage repairs, basement finishing (include waterproofing protection), painting and decorating.







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What Waterproofing Is Right For You?

Not all basements are created equal. This is mainly due to the different materials used to construct the foundation walls that define the basement. Each of the four foundation types described below has unique characteristics that should be considered when designing a basement waterproofing. POURED CONCRETE FOUNDATION WALLS LEAK REPAIR SOLUTION Poured Concrete Foundation Walls …

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